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Project manager


no limit


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Job responsibility
1. Implement the marketing strategy and sales plan formulated by the company, and strive to complete the sales process indicators and sales performance targets;
2, understand customer needs, establish a good and stable customer relationship, to provide customers with quality business services;
Job qualification
1, like, love sales work, sales work is its fun;
2. Successful sales cases of petrochemical, metallurgical, mining or similar industrial engineering projects;
3. Experience in coordinating with design institutes;
4, college degree or above, mechanical, automatic control, instrumentation and other related majors;
5, good image temperament, cheerful personality, excellent communication and coordination skills, able to withstand greater customer pressure;
6. Work place: Shenyang, Nanjing
Salary and benefits package
1. Salary + insurance + sales commission;
2. Other benefits or rewards

Electrical engineer


junior college


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Basic requirement
1, college degree or above, electrical automation and related major;
2, more than five years of work experience, at least three years of field work experience;
3, skilled use of Microsoft operating system and office software, skilled use of Autocad drawing;
4, understand the factory power supply, process control, transmission control and other technologies;
Technical requirement
1, familiar with PLC control technology, skilled in programming;
2, familiar with Siemens, schneider, Allen-Bradley PLC is preferred;
3, skilled use of Autocad drawing software, according to the company's standards for drawing design;
4, familiar with various low-voltage components, frequency converter, soft starter, etc.;
5, understand the field instrument equipment, actuators, sensors, etc.;
6, have a certain organization and coordination ability, can guide the production unit to install the cabinet, wiring, can guide the site construction unit to carry out electrical construction.
7, strong hands-on ability, familiar with production equipment electrical system maintenance, installation, debugging, etc.; Be able to actively cooperate with production, research and development work related technical problems
8, familiar with the medical and chemical industry, chemical materials industry, large smelting industry mechanical equipment electrical drive and transmission device preferred.

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