Steel pollution reduction and carbon reduction by technological innovation to find a way out

At present, the carbon emissions of the steel industry account for about 15% of the total carbon emissions in the country, and it is the manufacturing industry with the highest carbon emissions in China. Under the "double carbon" goal, reducing pollution and carbon has become the main theme of the steel industry. However, at the recently held 2021 (12th) China Steel Energy Conservation and emission Reduction Forum, Li Xinchuang, chief engineer of the Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute, said frankly, "During the '14th Five-Year Plan' period, the total demand for steel in China's economic development will still maintain a high scale, in the context of the overall scale of steel production is difficult to decline significantly, the total carbon reduction space is very limited. It still takes time for structures to reduce pollution and carbon."



Continuous improvement of the environment strengthens a beautiful China

People's Daily Beijing, August 18 (reporter Yu Lu) "I report an account with journalists friends." At the conference site of "Building a beautiful China with Harmonious coexistence between man and Nature" held by The State Council today, Minister of Ecology and Environment Huang Runqiu detailed the achievements of China's pollution prevention and control in the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, and made an introduction to the construction of a beautiful China in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. Huang Runqiu said that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment will adhere to the overall requirements of promoting the synergistic efficiency of pollution reduction and carbon reduction, adhere to ecological priority and green development, pay more attention to precise pollution control, scientific pollution control and pollution control according to law, in-depth fight against pollution prevention and control, continue to improve the quality of the ecological environment, promote the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development, and promote the realization of new progress in ecological civilization. To contribute to the construction of a beautiful China with harmonious coexistence between man and nature.



Focus on industry hot spots and discuss environmental protection

Chemicals are important raw materials in China's industrial production. Because of its particularity, chemicals have health risks and safety risks in different environments. On March 18, a fire broke out in a raw material warehouse of a chemical company in Quzhou, Zhejiang province. The fire was brought under control after all-out efforts. It was preliminarily determined that the combustion materials were methanol and ethyl acetate. In March, China has initiated a number of chemical accidents, March 1 at 12:20, Tangshan Huayi Industrial Co., LTD. (chemical enterprise) benzene hydrogenation overhaul sewage tank residual combustible gas caught fire, resulting in 4 deaths and 1 injury. On March 12, Volume 501 of the 600,000-ton/year diesel hydrogenation unit of Jiujiang Petrochemical exploded and caught fire, causing two deaths and one mild burn.



We will fight hard against pollution

The National Conference on Ecological and Environmental Protection was held in Beijing from May 18 to 19.



Non-electric industry flue gas treatment: the cake at your fingertips

At the 2018 National Environmental Protection Work Conference, Li Ganjie, Minister of Ecology and Environment, said that the ultra-low emission transformation of the steel industry will be launched in 2018. As the government attaches greater importance to air pollution emissions from non-electric industries, in the context of the power industry desulfurization and denitrification market approaching saturation, the non-electric industry will become the next outlet for air pollution control.



The Ministry of Ecology and Environment will launch seven special campaigns this year

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 29 (Reporter Gao Jing) The Ministry of Ecology and Environment will launch seven special campaigns this year to focus on fighting pollution, Liu Youbin, spokesman for the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, said Tuesday.



Five highlights Interpret environmental protection in the government work report

In the 2018 government Work report, the focus on energy and environmental protection was mentioned in a significant and important position. In energy-related fields, "ecology" is the most frequent keyword, a total of 16 times, followed by "energy", a total of 7 times, followed by "new energy vehicles" appeared 3 times, "energy consumption" appeared 2 times, "green development" appeared 2 times, "environmental protection" appeared 2 times, "electricity price" appeared 2 times, "clean energy" appeared once. These figures are sufficient to show the government's attention to energy and environmental protection.



Liaoning Province environmental protection "13th Five-Year plan"

Since the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", under the correct leadership of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, the province's environmental protection system has taken the construction of ecological civilization as the leader, closely focused on the main line of improving environmental quality and pollutant emission reduction, reform and innovation, overcoming difficulties, and achieved remarkable results in all aspects of work, and the goals and tasks determined by the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" environmental protection plan have been basically completed.



The two sessions directly: representatives of the petroleum and chemical industry are highly concerned about the dream of a powerful petrochemical country

On March 3, the National two sessions kicked off, and representatives from the petroleum and chemical industries gathered in Beijing to discuss the country. They brought a lot of proposals and suggestions on promoting the high-quality development of the industry, hoping to solve the bottleneck problem existing in the industry and accelerate the construction of the world's petrochemical power.



Liaoyang Petrochemical 300,000 tons of high-performance polypropylene project was approved

China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) announced that on February 24, CNPC officially issued a document to approve the construction of 300,000 tons of high-performance polypropylene project in Liaoyang Petrochemical.


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