The two sessions directly: representatives of the petroleum and chemical industry are highly concerned about the dream of a powerful petrochemical country


On March 3, the National two sessions kicked off, and representatives from the petroleum and chemical industries gathered in Beijing to discuss the country. They brought a lot of proposals and suggestions on promoting the high-quality development of the industry, hoping to solve the bottleneck problem existing in the industry and accelerate the construction of the world's petrochemical power.

Zhu Jianmin, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the Board of Directors of Aoke Group, believes that the world's first-class and petrochemical powers are key to innovation, and enterprises are the main body of technological innovation, and it is natural that they should become the main body of technology transfer and transformation in China. He looks forward to incorporating the improvement of enterprise technology transfer and transformation capabilities into the national technology transfer system construction plan, setting up a special plan for the construction of state-level enterprise technology transfer and transformation centers, and focusing on supporting industry leading enterprises and large enterprises to set up enterprise technology transfer centers.

Zhang Yongming, a deputy to the National People's Congress and chief scientist of Dongyue Group, suggested increasing financial support for technological research and development of enterprises, and could try to return a certain percentage of taxes paid by enterprises for scientific research.

The agrochemical industry is an "old" industry, but it is showing new vitality. Wan Lianbu, chairman of the Chairman of the Jungda Group, who has participated in the sixth National People's Congress for two consecutive sessions, prepared four proposals this time, which involved improving the quality of cultivated land, promoting the development of agricultural producer services, reducing weight and increasing efficiency to promote agricultural quality and efficiency, and deeply promoting the structural reform of the supply side of fertilizers and other "three rural" work priorities and hot issues. "I want to bring the most ardent voice from the 'three rural' line to the meeting, and do some solid work to help realize the strategic goal of rural revitalization." 'he said.

Wang Jinshu, a deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Shandong Yuhuang Chemical, brought suggestions on the development of new energy, one of the strategic emerging industries. He believes that the current state subsidies for new energy vehicles only to car companies is not reasonable, should be extended to new energy battery research and development and other core key links.

Xue Guanglin, a member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of the Board of Directors of Guanghui Petroleum, and Yuan Zhimin, a member of the National People's Congress and chairman of Jinfa Technology, put forward suggestions on reducing the cost burden of the real economy. Xue Guanglin hopes that the country will reduce the financing cost of the real economy, start from the supply side and supply source of funds, check and curb usury, and provide enterprises with ways to issue corporate bonds and list financing. Mr Yuan wants corporate income tax to be cut further.

Xu Liping, a "gunpowder engraving" worker in 7416 Plant of the Fourth Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Li Caiyun, an oil extraction squad leader of Jilin Oil Field of petrochina, Zhang Chunsheng, General manager of Jinling Petrochemical, Zheng Caiqin, deputy director of the nitrile rubber workshop of Lanzhou Petrochemical Synthetic Rubber Factory, and other NPC deputies paid attention to the topic of cultivating a team of highly skilled talents with "crafter spirit". And around the construction of high-skill personnel training base, innovation of school-enterprise cooperation, cultivation of "craftsman spirit", publicity of "originality culture" and other aspects, put forward a lot of practical suggestions. Sun Yufei, deputy to the National People's Congress and oil geological worker of the Fourth oil production plant of petrochina Daqing Oilfield, proposed to further improve the treatment of front-line workers and set up more scientific professional qualification standards for workers.

In addition, the National People's Congress, petrochina Liaoyang Petrochemical Party secretary and general manager Bai Xuefeng called for accelerating the construction of China's natural gas production, supply, storage and marketing system, orderly promotion of "coal to gas", and effectively alleviate the winter gas shortage situation. He Guangliang, a deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Wengfu Group, suggested that the utilization of phosphogypsum resources should be increased to promote the green ecological development of the phosphorus chemical industry. Xu Guanju, a deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Transhua Group, hopes that the country will make up for the shortcomings of the supply chain service system.

(Source: China Petroleum and Chemical Network)