【 Good news 】 Warmly congratulate Dongbo Technology Department successfully promoted to the first grade construction division!




Warmly congratulate Dongbo of the Technology Department for successfully passing the Grade I Constructor exam with excellent results. I hope other employees can learn from their enterprising and positive spirit and jointly contribute to the development of the enterprise.

To participate in the first-level constructor exam, we must not only systematically study and sort out theoretical knowledge, have excellent test-taking ability, but also have rich on-site practical experience. Dongbo takes into account both work and study. In his spare time, he keeps a good state of study for a long time, and integrates the professional knowledge he has learned into his work. By applying what he has learned and combining it with practice, he has become a learning-oriented professional and a successful model of our learning-oriented organization.
Building a learning team is related to the future sustainable development of our company and the key to the improvement of core competitiveness, only continuous learning, in order to achieve the continuous innovation of the enterprise, in order to continuously improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise, so as to achieve the sustainable development of the enterprise. In the future, Chuangstar will, as always, continue to create a good atmosphere for active learning, build a learning team, improve the professional standard of the enterprise, achieve self-appreciation of the enterprise and employees, and create greater value for the company and society.