Gold, silver and ten festivals


The stars shine in Kyushu, the moon sends acacia, is another year to the festival, on the occasion of the golden nine silver ten Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day double festival is coming, Chuangstar to all the hard to pay the family, to extend the best wishes and the most sincere greetings!



The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation. It is a time for the Chinese people to have a family reunion. National Day is the birthday of the great motherland, the whole country rejoiced for it. The company has prepared a wealth of holiday benefits for every Chuangstar employee, hoping that when employees celebrate the holiday with their families, they can also feel the warmth of Chuangstar care for employees.



I sincerely wish all staff and their families peace, good luck, good health and happiness!
I sincerely wish you a happy double festival and a smooth work!