Leaders visit welfare homes in person, 5.20 to send "warmth"


On the morning of May 20, 2022, on this special day full of love, Chuangstar Company leaders and some employee representatives went to Shenyang Children's Welfare Home to visit orphaned and disabled children, and sent dairy products and fruits to the children.



The relevant leaders of the welfare institute introduced the basic situation of Shenyang Children's Welfare Institute, and thanked the care and greetings from Chuangsida Company on behalf of the staff of the welfare institute and the orphaned and disabled children. The leader of the welfare institute said that due to the epidemic, foreigners can not enter the welfare institute and take photos with orphaned and disabled children, but all the staff and children of the welfare institute deeply feel the warmth and greetings brought by Chuangstar, and the children's welfare Institute will also be in line with the principle of "everything for the children, everything for the children", so that the children can fully enjoy the warmth of the family.