Congratulations to Chuangstar for successfully applying for a full series of AAA credit rating certificates


Warmly congratulate Chuangstar on successfully applying for the full series AAA credit rating certificate!

The honor of "AAA enterprise credit rating" represents the highest level of enterprise credit rating, is a high recognition of the strength and reputation of Chuangstar Company, is another important milestone in the healthy development process of the company, and will have far-reaching significance for the qualification recognition and subsequent development of enterprise bidding!







According to relevant regulations, the enterprise credit rating is divided into three grades and nine levels, AAA level is the highest level, which not only reflects the level of enterprise credit, but also an important indicator system to measure the financial ability of enterprises. The higher the credit level of the enterprise, the smaller the debt risk.

The certification is approved and filed by the People's Bank of China, and it has a gold content. It is the proof that our company has excellent credit record, stable business condition and quality service ability!