【 Good news 】 Warmly celebrate Chuangstar selected as the 2020 "Young Eagle" enterprise in Liaoning Province


According to the requirements of the Notice of Liaoning Science and Technology Department on the declaration of the Eagle Enterprise in Liaoning Province in 2020, our company successfully declared and approved, and Chuangstar (Liaoning) Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. was successfully selected into the list of the Eagle enterprises in Liaoning Province in 2020!



The implementation of the "Eagle enterprise" identification needs to consider the key indicators such as the enterprise's innovation ability, research and development team, research and development investment, and comprehensively consider the advantages of the enterprise in technology and business model innovation, technology and market maturity, market development potential and growth.

The success of Chuangstar (Liaoning) Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. in the tens of thousands of enterprises to stand out successfully selected, inseparable from a strong independent research and development capabilities, product design capabilities, rapid growth rate and broad market prospects!




Attached:Notice on announcing the list of new innovation subjects in Liaoning Province in 2020