[Good news] Congratulations on the success of Chuangstar construction enterprise environmental engineering construction qualification


Recently, the company successfully obtained the "Building mechanical and electrical engineering construction general contracting Grade 3 qualification" and "Environmental engineering professional contracting Grade 3 qualification", which further improved the company's qualification system and enhanced the company's market competitiveness. It marks a new level of the company's grade qualification and engineering construction professional level, laying a solid foundation for the company's sustainable development, and is another milestone in the company's development.

Over the years, the company has continued to take the development road of standardized management of engineering construction, and has made breakthroughs in personnel training, team building and management system construction. According to the arrangement of the company's qualification management work, the company will continue to accumulate and improve the professional certificates and engineering performance of various professionals in the company in the next work. Provide effective soft power support for the better development of the company.



 Qualification is a prerequisite for enterprises to carry out production and business activities. The acquisition of this qualification provides a strong support for Chuangstar to further expand the field of environmental protection engineering construction, and also lays a solid foundation for promoting Chuangstar to constantly adjust and optimize the industrial structure, diversify and strategic management, and usher in a broader market operation space. Tronstar adheres to the principle of "Continuously providing the optimal industrial solutions!" The purpose of the enterprise, the future will be to a higher standard to require themselves, to provide our customers with first-class quality projects and services.