Epidemic prevention situation stable production, keep the post to create brilliance


In the beginning of 2020, the novel coronavirus epidemic has "hit the head" for the production and operation of many enterprises and project sales, and the economic losses are considerable in the process of repeatedly cutting production, stopping production, isolating and resuming work. In this severe situation, Chuangsida (Liaoning) Environmental Protection Engineering Co., LTD., but in the "epidemic prevention war epidemic" in the retrograde, the epidemic did not kill our Chuangsida people's will, where we need, where there are our figure, Chuangsida every front-line personnel will become the most beautiful retrograde project site.

In the New Year, although affected by the epidemic, Chuangstar is still moving forward. In order to complete the task quickly and successfully, the company called on the elite soldiers. The 10-day maintenance construction will begin on March 19, 2020.


Early in the morning, facing the morning glow, workers began to gather at the construction site to measure the temperature. Then began the hectic maintenance work. At the end of each day's work, it is safe to leave work, and the faces of the workers are smiling.





Chuangstar environmental protection, strict quality control in the project, effectively put safety and quality in the first place. Always adhere to the time schedule to obey safety, obey quality, obey environmental protection, according to the rules and regulations, strict management, do not let go of any weak link, do not leave any security risks, truly achieve safety alarm bell ringing in the heart, safe production.