Business Area

Process assembly

Craft is the method and process by which workers use production tools to value-added process or process various raw materials and semi-finished products, ultimately turning them into finished products. Assembly is the general term for a series of products that form a whole and implement a specific function of a component system. Assembly, which means assembly


Complete sets of equipment

It can be a workshop, a production line, a workshop, or a factory. It can be a single item of equipment for a certain profession or a comprehensive equipment for several professions. Due to the different inspection procedures and specific practices for imported and exported complete sets of equipment, they will be introduced separately


Professional Products

Product specialization refers to the centralized production of a product by an enterprise and the sale of such products to various customers. This approach usually makes it easier for enterprises to establish a high reputation in a certain product field, and can serve as the foundation for further development of the enterprise


Automation Engineering

With the development of information automation, automation engineers have become a popular profession. Automation engineers are mainly responsible for understanding customer needs, writing automation control project proposals, responsible for PLC programming, configuration software writing, and organizing automation engineering construction


Overseas Projects

With the implementation of China's opening-up policy, the continuous expansion of economic cooperation and technological exchange, and the enhancement of China's comprehensive strength in construction, it is inevitable that China's foreign-related units and construction teams will go abroad and participate in the international engineering contracting market competition


Other projects

Chuangshida has multiple professional products and technologies, which can continuously provide users with optimized industrial solutions, conducting comprehensive selection, design, production, supply, installation, debugging, technical training, consultation, and support

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