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Research and application of computer information system security technology


Abstract: With the continuous development of economy, the level of science and technology continues to improve, the scale of information technology development at the same time, people's demand for computers is also expanding, through the use of computer technology, greatly improve people's work efficiency, people's living standards will also have a certain improvement. The use of computer system has brought more convenience to people's production and life, but it also has major drawbacks to be solved, and there is always criticism on the security of computer use. Therefore, this paper analyzes the research and application of computer information system security technology, and puts forward corresponding solutions to the security problems, so as to promote the security of computer information system.

Key words: computer; Information system; Safety technology

The scope of use of computer technology is gradually expanding, and various industries expand the development space of different fields through the use of computer technology, and the generation of this technology is mainly caused by economic, cultural and political factors, so the use of technology can go deep into all aspects of our production and life, and promote social production. However, with the use of technology, its drawbacks gradually appear, security problems lead to the instability of system use, and the security problems of technical systems involve a wide range of levels. In the actual use process, we often encounter hacker attacks, network Settings loopholes and other related problems, resulting in social and citizen information and privacy security problems, which is not conducive to people's effective use.

1. Analysis of influencing factors of information security

In the process of using computer technology, the security of information system mainly refers to the security of information storage or transmission in this system, and external systems will not cause intrusion or disclosure of the system, so the integrity and practicality of information will be guaranteed [1]. However, in view of the long-term use results, there are various factors that cause the decline of information security effectiveness. Among them, stealing the account and password of customers is very bad. By stealing such information, users can log in to the accounts of customers and then steal other confidential information. In addition to the use of electronic information technology, in actual use, through the computer information security system will emit the corresponding electromagnetic wave for collection and recovery, the use of this way to achieve information theft; Another is to place a virtual program in the computer information security system, when the customer uses it, the virtual program will take the opportunity to find the system vulnerabilities, and then steal the information; Virus transmission will also cause information theft, after the virus invaded the system, the customer's data to steal; Interference technology is used to destroy the reaction time of the customer's computer system, destroy the information storage and transmission functions in the system, and realize the theft of information.

Second, analysis of measures to improve the security of information security system
(1) Technical analysis of the firewall

The use of firewall technology can protect the information security system accordingly and make more effective use of the information system. In the process of use, the firewall technology can block virus intrusion and strengthen its protection function [2]. The use of this function can also implement the access system, for all external information can be accessed before the corresponding operation, effective protection of internal information. Using VPN technology, the communication protocol can be used to achieve a dedicated communication line between multiple internal networks. The use of this technology can break the limitations of traditional physical lines, and the main principle of use is to achieve effective communication and connection through virtual information technology.

(2) Analysis of cryptographic techniques

For the security technology of computer information system, the use of cryptography is a more effective information protection measure, which has strong technical characteristics, can effectively encrypt the transmission and storage of information in the computer system, protect the user's confidential information and personal information to a greater extent, and ensure the security and integrity of information. In the study of this technology, the main principle is that there is no direct conversion between the function and the specific information. In the corresponding special application, the actual operator can use the correct authorization form to convert the two, that is, the input password is correct, and the information system cannot be opened after the password is entered incorrectly. Therefore, users' information and data can be better protected [3].

(3) Analysis of intrusion detection technology

The use of intrusion detection technology is a more effective technology for the security of computer information system, and the use of this technology is mainly to upgrade the firewall technology, on the basis of this technology to achieve upgrade optimization. Through the use of this technology, the user's virus intrusion and implantation can be prevented, and the virus can be found and detected in the first time when it intrudes into the system, so as to take effective measures to solve it. The use of this technology requires event reactors, analyzers and databases. The advantage of the technology is obvious, and the computer information security system can be better protected.

Third, the specific application of computer information system security technology is analyzed
(1) Analysis of safety management

Through the application of this technology security management, it is necessary to use corresponding information technology as the basis and formulate corresponding security management strategies based on the actual situation [4]. Therefore, it is necessary to set goals, be comprehensive and feasible, carry out targeted security prevention, formulate corresponding emergency measures for emergencies, effectively control the threat, and prevent the severity of information system security problems from expanding. Through the analysis of the risk degree, the different threat factors are clarified, so as to provide more scientific and effective data support.

(2) Risk assessment and analysis of information systems

Information system evaluation methods and related personnel need to carry out corresponding evaluation practices. First of all, it is necessary to evaluate the subsystem and assess the risk level, and then take corresponding measures to prevent risks and achieve effective control [5]. The implementation of risk assessment needs to take risk prevention as the goal and guarantee the security of system operation. The construction of risk management assessment system is also the guarantee mechanism of the system in economic development.


With the development of The Times, the frequency of people's use of computer technology is gradually increasing, and the disclosure of relevant information is gradually increasing. It is very necessary to increase the security of computer information system. In the research and development of information system security, it is necessary to abide by its technical laws, according to the corresponding rules and regulations, reform and innovation on the basis of the original technology, through this way, the security of information system is improved, its security scope is gradually expanded, and the security management level of computer information system is greatly improved. Through the analysis of the problems, the corresponding technical solutions to achieve the security and stability of information system use, and promote the common development of technology and economy in our country.

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