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Application and development of electrical automation technology in power system


Abstract: With the vigorous development of social economy, the level of science and technology continues to improve, and the use of power system gradually expands, among which the development level of automation technology continues to improve its application in the power system is more common. The improvement of the technical level and its application to all walks of life have positive significance for the expansion of its development space, therefore, the development of electrical automation technology is very important to improve the production efficiency of power, and it also has a role in promoting the problem solving in the power system. Based on the analysis of the application and development of electrical automation technology in power system, this paper puts forward corresponding solutions to the existing problems, so as to promote the improvement of the level of electrical automation and improve the power system.

Key words: electrical automation technology; Electric power system; Apply

Economic development, social progress, the level of science and technology continue to improve, the development and improvement of the power system, the role of the power development is extraordinary, among which the use of electrical automation for the improvement of the power system is very important. At this stage, the development of electrical automation technology has more remarkable achievements, but there are still some problems to be solved. China's automation research started late, and there are many defects, and compared with other countries' advanced technology, the distance is larger. Therefore, based on this situation, the use and expansion of electrical automation technology is a more important content at this stage. In power grid automation, electrical automation is one of its important components, with the development of market economy, automation technology is gradually closely related, which is of great significance to the quality and safety of electric power.

First, analysis of the application status of electrical automation
(1) Analysis on the level of informatization
At this stage, with the continuous development of information technology, the application of this technology to all walks of life and production is of great significance. The use of information technology in electrical automation is very necessary for the development of electric power, and the scale of use of information technology in this scope is gradually expanding. The main direction of its use is the use of equipment and the data processing of management departments [1]. Through the use of information technology, the connection between the equipment is increased, the operational range of the system is extended, and the requirements in the software system are gradually strict. In the process of the development of electrical automation technology, the use of information technology is an important technical support, and the rapid development of multimedia technology also plays a very important role in the development of automation technology. At present, the prospect of applying information technology to electrical automation technology has been more obvious, and this application theory has been gradually deepened.

(2) Analysis of operation control
The gradual expansion of the scope of use of electrical automation is mainly due to its simplicity and convenience at the operational control level, relatively simple to use, and accepted and supported by different fields. With the vigorous development of the market economy, the development trend of electrical automation is gradually moving toward marketization, meeting the relevant needs of the market, and improving and updating the technology itself. In the process of using this technology, ease of operation is its main feature. In view of this aspect, continuous in-depth research is needed to promote and develop electrical automation technology more effectively by improving this feature [2].

(3) Maintenance analysis
The electrical automation technology used at this stage is mainly based on computer technology, and the way computer technology is mainly used is integrated circuits, and the main advantage of this way is that it is more portable and flexible. Therefore, electrical automation has strong characteristics in its use process, and the corresponding maintenance is relatively simple, different from the traditional electrical automation technology, the automation technology at this stage is more convenient to use, and the advantages are more obvious.

Second, about the application of electrical automation technology in power system analysis
(1) Technical analysis of substation automation
The main application form of this technology is to recombine and design the secondary equipment of the substation through computer technology, information and communication technology, achieve optimization, realize real-time supervision of all equipment of the substation, and improve the safety and effectiveness of equipment operation [3]. This technology needs to be completed for operational tasks, and it is also an important part of the adjustment of the grid. Through the comprehensive automatic monitoring system to ensure the stability of its operation, and reduce the operation cost during the use of equipment, to achieve high-quality transport of power quality, increase economic benefits.

(2) Analysis of computer technology
At present, the use of power system mainly relies on computer technology. By applying this technology to system operation, the efficiency of system operation can be improved. In the process of using electrical automation, the implementation of smart grid technology is also one of the more important components, the use of this technology is mainly integrated in all aspects of the power system to promote the intelligent development of the power system. At the same time, in the power automation system, the use of power grid scheduling automation technology is very important. Through the use of this technology, the power grid is classified hierarchically to realize the effective connection of different power grid equipment, and gradually form a strong unity of the whole to ensure the effective collection of data. Through more effective monitoring of the power grid system, the stability and efficiency of the system operation can be ensured [4].

(3) Technical analysis of electrical automation compensation
In the current power system, the use of compensation technology has a certain degree of advantages, but its disadvantages are more obvious. In the process of single load application, there will be unbalanced three-phase load. In the case of serious equipment failure, there will be excessive compensation or insufficient compensation. It has a serious impact on the stability and security of power system operation. In some areas of our country, the traditional compensation technology has not paid too much attention to the balance relationship in the process of voltage use, so the monitoring efficiency will not meet the situation. The realization of electrical automatic compensation technology is an advanced technology, which improves the drawbacks of the previous compensation technology and realizes the effective combination of splitphase compensation, fixed compensation and dynamic compensation. In the actual use process, these forms will be used together, and corresponding changes will be made according to the load situation in the power system to improve the operation efficiency of the equipment [5].

In the practical application of the power system, the use of electrical automation technology has gradually expanded, and the actual level of development has increased, through its long-term planning and its own technology improvement, to achieve the improvement and perfection of the power system. For the power system, it belongs to a more complex comprehensive management system, therefore, the use of electrical automation technology can promote its application gradually simplified, but the distance and the international advanced level is still large, so the research on this technology needs to continue to in-depth, more active exploration, in view of the existing problems, Take effective measures to improve and innovate the technology, realize the effective use of technology, in order to promote the stable development of power system.

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