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Application analysis of electrical engineering and automation technology in intelligent building


Abstract: The level of science and technology continues to improve, for the application of technology gradually expanded, at this stage, the development of all walks of life are inseparable from the support of technology, through the use of technology to increase production efficiency. The emergence of intelligent buildings has brought a new scene for the progress of society and the development of urbanization, and the integration of electrical engineering automation technology and intelligent buildings can improve the resource utilization rate of intelligent buildings, and can meet the requirements of customers in actual construction. Therefore, this paper analyzes the application of electrical engineering and automation technology in intelligent buildings, and applies electrical engineering automation technology to intelligent buildings according to the work design of relevant staff, which has positive significance for the implementation efficiency and measurement accuracy of the project.

Key words: intelligent building; Electrical engineering; Automation technology; intelligentize

With the development of The Times and the continuous progress of society, people's living standards are improving at the same time, the quality of life requirements are also gradually improving, so the demand for housing has a higher level of pursuit. The previous building level can not meet the popular quality of life, so based on this situation, after mastering people's housing needs, it is necessary to conduct in-depth research on the construction of intelligent buildings. At this stage, intelligence is the trend of The Times, so intelligent buildings have strong marketability, and intelligent buildings can realize the integration of computer technology in traditional buildings. To achieve a new type of building system, with strong environmental protection characteristics and energy saving characteristics, so it has been widely recognized by the society. Through the use of electrical engineering automation, it is of great significance to the construction of intelligent buildings.

First, analysis of the meaning of intelligent buildings

The main characteristics of intelligent buildings are their intelligence and high efficiency. With the blessing of automation technology, intelligent buildings can improve their own functions and realize power distribution, automation control system and other related applications. These technical features are mainly based on electrical engineering automation [1]. In the operation process of electric-related equipment, the rational use of electrical engineering automation can change its operating environment, and ensure that the application of this technology is always efficient. The use of intelligent buildings is mainly to play the functions of shielding and anti-interference, and effectively realize all its functions. Through the corresponding improvement of the electrical equipment system in the building, to achieve the effective integration of technologies, to provide support for the intelligent development of the building industry, and through the use of this technology can provide more powerful support for the development of the industry.

Second, analysis of the characteristics of electrical engineering automation
(A) to achieve equipment control

In the electrical engineering automation control system, network channels are mainly combined according to the operation instructions of relevant controllers, and then more effective signal control is carried out for the execution system to achieve the final control of the task [2]. Through the improvement of work efficiency within the control scope, through the design of intelligent buildings, it is necessary to combine automation technology, carry out more detailed research and analysis, and design a feasible control system plan before the formal implementation.

(2) Monitoring effectiveness

In the context of the vigorous development of social economy, the construction industry is developing in full swing, and the architectural forms are gradually diversified, in which larger and higher buildings gradually emerge, and the main feature of such building structures is the complexity of the structure. In the actual use process, failures often occur. When problems occur, it is impossible to find out the cause of the problems in the first time. Cause the floor management staff can not carry out the corresponding work. In the use of intelligent buildings, due to the use of electrical engineering automation system, this problem can be more effectively solved, its unique working mode, to realize the monitoring of different floors of digital and information monitoring, so when the problem occurs, the information can be fed back to the core supervision department in the first time. In addition, the instructions are gradually sent to the subsystems of different departments to monitor the implementation of the system in the building and improve the management level [3].

Third, the application analysis of electrical engineering automation technology in intelligent buildings
(1) Analysis of control system

In this system, it is mainly for ventilation. Lighting and fire detection system control, these systems occupy an important position in intelligent buildings, and in People's Daily use often contact, so for the operation efficiency analysis of various departments, it is necessary to realize the intelligent control system in intelligent buildings. In the actual use process, the lighting system needs to be used to achieve real-time monitoring of the lighting system, and the necessary lighting treatment can be carried out according to the actual needs of users, so as to effectively save energy. In the actual building lighting, it is necessary to realize the automation of reporting and detection functions, and change the traditional night patrol form.

(2) Analysis of communication systems

The main part of intelligent building construction is the communication system, so in its intelligent electrical automation design, automation needs to be realized in a large range [4]. At this stage, with the vigorous development of computer technology, the establishment of communication systems in intelligent buildings is mainly based on computer technology. This form can reduce the probability of error, achieve effective transmission of resources, and promote paperless life and office. Through the collection of different needs of users, the corresponding regional network is established in the building, and the equipment parameter exchange system is used for computers in home areas and office areas, so as to gradually form a network with strong integrity and improve user satisfaction.

With the development of digitization and informatization, the trend of electrical engineering automation is gradually obvious, and its development trend is mainly transparency and informatization. This advantage is mainly reflected in the independent operation in the operation process, and the realization of openness can meet the external connection needs of users, and provide the foundation for future work improvement and optimization. Through the use of information technology, the corresponding data can be integrated management, and unified management of technology can be realized, so as to improve the quality of products. The long-term and stable development of the field of electrical engineering needs to meet the needs of users, combine the actual development of the industry, and carry out vigorous innovation to achieve scientific development [5].


At this stage, the relationship between technology and economy is close, the improvement of technical level, is an important guarantee for economic development, so the in-depth study of intelligent technology, plays an important role in China's economic development. Since the long-term development of the construction industry, it has gradually broken through its own shackles and developed new markets. The construction of intelligent buildings has positive significance for the improvement of its market competitiveness. Therefore, the industry needs to scientifically innovate the management system according to the actual characteristics, and achieve unified management and control. Through the use of electronic information technology, the electrical engineering automation technology is more effectively used. The application of electrical engineering automation technology to intelligent buildings is very important to the development of industry and the improvement of economic benefits, improve the level of automation technology, meet people's housing needs, improve people's quality of life at the same time, promote the overall economic development strength of our country.

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