Typical Performance

Overhaul of the 3# dust collector of the 80 ton converter dry process in the steel mill


The cylinder diameter of the electrostatic precipitator in this project is p8200mm, including four electric fields, the homopolar distance is 400mm, the electric field flow rate is 0.99m/s, the number of blasting valves is 6, the diameter of blasting valves is p1200mm, and four sets of high-voltage power supplies, one of which is a three-phase power supply, and the rest are single-phase power supplies.

The overall idea of the overhaul of this device is: 1, the first and second electric fields of electrostatic precipitator are to be overhauled by opening the cover, and all the internal parts such as the anode plate, cathode line and vibration system are to be replaced. 2, electrostatic precipitator three, four electric fields do not need to open the cover, but need to check its internal and replace the necessary wearing parts, 3, two, three, four electric field of high-voltage power supply replaced with three-phase power supply. 4, replace the key parts of the delivery aircraft, bucket lift machine, replace the burst valve and so on. 5. The timing control logic, time setting value and many tuning contents of the existing program need to be re-adjusted.

This project as the 2020 "Chuangsida" in the epidemic period of the opening of the mountain maintenance project, at the beginning of the approach, the company will be "tree quality project, repair quality engineering" goal, established the "adhere to the rules and norms of management, concentration of strength to improve quality and efficiency" annual theme, requiring the project department management members always adhere to the "fine and efficient, realistic and beautiful" enterprise style, Integrate all the work, arrange, check and summarize together, and improve the project management ability.


The company undertakes the 3# dust collector overhaul construction task of 80 tons of converter dry method in steel mills. The cylinder diameter of electrostatic precipitator is p8200mm, including four electric fields, the same pole distance is 400mm, the electric field flow rate is 0.99m/s, the number of blasting valves is 6, the diameter of blasting valves is p1200mm, and 4 sets of high voltage power supplies, one of which is three-phase power supply. The rest of the electric field is a single-phase power supply.

The narrow space in the working area and the pipe blocking at high altitude are the biggest difficulties in the lifting of the project, and the replacement construction of the bucket elevator is the focus of the safety risk control of the project.


At the same time, multiple measures have been taken to strengthen safety management and escort construction safety. Improve safe and civilized construction management methods, safety responsibility system, safety operation procedures, major hazard control, special emergency plans and other methods and measures; Multi-party signed safety and quality agreement; Safe power supply agreement.

Hoisting transformer and porcelain bottle.


Hoisting the anode plate


Use project culture to create project highlights, install closed enclosures in the construction area, and publicize corporate culture. According to the construction area, mobile safety enclosures are set to avoid the safety risks caused by cross-operation; Hang safety warning signs to create a safe and civilized construction atmosphere. Adhere to the rules and abide by the distance, standardize management, constantly strengthen basic management, and solve major problems such as production, safety, schedule and personnel.

Process experts attended the site to participate in the power supply


Process experts conduct process training and answer questions


With the concept of "firmly establishing the brand image of environmental protection and deeply entering the dust removal and maintenance market", Chuangstar has seized the opportunities for urban environmental protection development, scientifically laid out the field of mechanical and electrical engineering, fully integrated into the three-dimensional urban environmental protection construction, and opened a new chapter in environmental protection construction with unparalleled enthusiasm and dedication.