The steel industry is expected to eliminate 30 million tons of steel production capacity this year


The National Industry and Information Technology Work Conference held on December 24 pointed out that in 2015, the elimination of backward and resolve excess capacity has made positive progress, and the steel industry is expected to eliminate iron production capacity of 13 million tons and steel production capacity of 17 million tons throughout the year.

The meeting required that in 2016, a number of measures to resolve overcapacity, to carry out pilot projects in steel and other industries to resolve excess capacity, pay close attention to the formulation and implementation of the overall plan to promote industrial restructuring and dispose of "zombie enterprises", coordinate the introduction of support measures, guide "zombie enterprises" to exit smoothly, and actively promote game-breaking, strategic mergers and acquisitions.

Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said that China's traditional industry is large in scale and is still the leading force of economic growth in the foreseeable future, and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries must be placed in a more prominent position, and the method is to do a good job of "addition, subtraction, multiplication and division".

Under the premise of limited resources and policy instruments, more attention will be paid to highlighting key points and making policies more targeted and effective. It is necessary to earnestly implement the upcoming action plan on separating industries, and promote the upgrading of the industry in the upgrading process.

"Capacity reduction" is a key move to advance supply-side structural reform. We need to proactively reduce production capacity, strictly control new production capacity, eliminate backward production capacity, and upgrade competitive production capacity. The most urgent thing to resolve overcapacity is to dispose of "zombie enterprises", vigorously promote mergers and restructuring, debt restructuring, bankruptcy liquidation, and achieve market clearance.

The meeting pointed out that since 2015, in the face of the difficulties and challenges of increasing downward pressure on the industry, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has highlighted a series of major measures to stabilize industrial growth, adjust the structure and increase efficiency, and the industrial operation has become stable and stable, and the transformation and upgrading have taken a solid step. It is expected that the value added of industrial enterprises above designated size will increase by about 6% and reduce energy consumption by 6% in 2015. The main target for 2016 is to increase the value added of industrial enterprises above designated size by about 6% and reduce energy consumption by 4%.

(Source: China Investment Advisory Network)