Star version "Xiaocui Story"


Last Friday, the first edition of Chuangstar version "Xiaocui Story" column met with the vast audience of friends in the big conference room as scheduled. As soon as the program was launched, it received wide attention, and the audience loved the program beyond words. This program is divided into three topics, one talk about teachers and students, two talk about the Mid-Autumn Festival, three Pepsi filial piety first. The atmosphere was lively as everyone rushed to voice their opinions. In particular, this activity uses the interactive way of telephone connection, which is very novel and very touching. The two ends of the phone are the master and the apprentice, the apprentice expressed his gratitude to the master, the master expressed his expectations for the apprentice. Everyone was very excited when they talked about their teachers, their parents, their wives, their children, and the feelings they showed were genuine. They expressed their gratitude and blessing to their teachers, parents, wives and children in words.

CSD version of Cui said the successful end of the matter, everyone talked about their feelings, are deeply aware of the Pepsi filial piety first truth. Finally, the organizing committee proposes that everyone can go home to accompany their parents during the holidays and give their ears to their parents.

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