"I'm in charge, I'm in charge" symposium


Last Friday, we successfully held the first time in the large conference room of the company with the theme of "I am in charge, I am in charge!" "Chuangstar Cultural Tour" activities.

In this activity, everyone spoke freely, from the family topic of who is in charge, to how to manage the family's financial rights, how to take care of the elderly and children, and finally how to treat their relatives.

From a simple conversation activity, we saw the current situation of our lives, heard the funny stories of our colleagues' families, and read our true hearts. It is to express more love; Give more time and energy to those who should be kind to you the most.

We promote such a culture, advocating more attention to our family and life. Let us work hard every day to contribute to the happiness and happiness of our families!

Wish all the colleagues who came to participate in the activity and failed to come back, family happiness, to a higher level!