2021 Chuangstar Summer Fun Tour


In 2021, due to the impact of the global epidemic, the annual tour group construction plan of Chuangstar has been delayed again and again, and finally set off in July this year! In the busy creative talent all over the country, from all directions gathered Penglai, in the pleasant laughter, we opened a different kind of beautiful journey!


The sea breeze, the quiet time, the hot summer is perfect for the beach. Escape from the neon of the city, away from the smoke pollution of the land, catch the sea for leisure, enjoy the sea breeze, eat seafood, drink a little wine, no matter what mood you come to Long Island, you must be happy when you leave.  




The ultimate perfect dinner, sales, technical team commendation, leaving a memorable night. Not only that, the fun continues every day: visit the polar Ocean World, experience the exciting yacht experience, visit Badaguan, Long Island day tour.... Countless flash lights record this beautiful moment one by one!







This is a happy journey that gathers the excellent elites of Chuangstar. Hard line sales, technical elites, in the enjoyment of unlimited glory, will also be grateful to accompany, dream together!



The year 2021 is already half over, we believe that the creative talent will be full of gratitude, dream of peers, continue to work hard, write a new legend!

Run, Tronstar!!