The joy of harvest


Last Sunday, in his own orchard, LAN warmly invited every colleague to participate in a "pure natural, pollution-free" green picking activity to share the joy of the countryside! All the colleagues and family members who came to participate, both tasted the sweet fruit, and paid hard work, here only on behalf of LAN, to all the colleagues who participated enthusiastically, say: Hard! At the same time, I would like to extend my sincere greetings and deep gratitude to each family member who accompanied me to pick the harvest. Thank you for spending such a beautiful and meaningful weekend together!

Autumn October, is a harvest season! On the occasion of the National Day holiday, LAN has prepared a box of green and pollutionless apples for every colleague, whether on a business trip or sticking to the project site around the country, so as to share the joy of this harvest, and please the family of each colleague, taste this fresh and natural fruit, and congratulate the happy National Day!

Here are some photos to share the joy of picking!