Beautiful beach, food temptation, beautiful Dongdai River tour


The sunrise on the sea is romantic, the stars on the beach are bright, the seaside game is passionate, the barbecue is delicious, and the bonfire is full of fun. It's time to eat barbecue and draft beer with the sea breeze again!! With the heat of the summer and the heat of the city, we need to bring some excitement and fun to life. On Sunday, August 20, 2017, all staff and family members of Tronstar went to the passionate Dongdai River seaside to fly the mood and experience the sea feelings.

Beach activities, seafood cafe, bonfire barbecue, karaoke... Everything, and we got to see the first view in the world!

Enjoy the relaxation is for better work and life, I believe that this summer trip will bring you more joy, joy and happiness!