[Employee welfare] Annual employee physical examination, pay attention to the physical and mental health of employees


The development of the enterprise cannot be separated from the hard work of every employee, and the success of the enterprise largely depends on whether the employees are dedicated and dutiful. "People-oriented" management philosophy is being paid attention to in the process of modern enterprise development.

In order to protect the health of employees, enhance corporate cohesion, build a harmonious corporate environment, and fully reflect the company's care for employees and people-oriented corporate culture, Chuangstar conducted an annual employee health examination for all employees this week.

The health of employees is the great wealth of the enterprise, and maintaining the health of employees is one of the key concerns of leaders at all levels of the company. Focusing on the health of employees, Tronstar does its best to help, support and guide employees to maintain their own health, and let employees share the results of enterprise development.

I hope that more excellent employees will participate in the company's health examination activities every year. Meanwhile, I hope that everyone can maintain a good diet and rest habit, take more exercise, and combine work and rest, because the health of employees is the company's greatest wealth. Wish every partner of Chuangstar have a healthy body and lively spirit!