A letter to the families of Trostar employees


Dear family members of Chuangstar employees:


Time flies, another ride. Here, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the families of all Chuangstar environmental employees. Because of your tolerance and understanding, we have a strong backing; Because of your trust and support, we have today's results! On the occasion of the approaching of the New Year, we would like to extend our best wishes and sincere greetings to you.

2018 has come to a successful end with the joint efforts of our creative talent. For Chuangstar Environmental Protection, 2018 is an extraordinary year, a year of stability and victory.

This year, we strong expansion, deep cultivation of the country, 2018 Chuangstar environmental protection flag has been inserted into the motherland, Chuangstar environmental protection logo in the environmental stage of light.

Chuangstar environmental protection carries the vision and hope of all employees and their families. The development of the company today cannot be separated from the efforts of all employees, but also from the full support of the family - when Chuangstar people work overtime late at night to go home for their ideals and goals, thank you for the table of hot meals left for them; Thank you for your tolerance and understanding..... when the creative talent can't be with you due to business travel It is because of your understanding and support behind it that Chuangstar Environmental protection can gradually grow.

Tronstar Environmental Protection is a company with goals and feelings. We always uphold the corporate purpose of "continuously providing the optimal industrial solutions" and are committed to building a global influential environmental protection group. Creative talent is always down-to-earth, dedicated, and unswervingly striving to move forward, while meeting a better self on the way to create a better life for their families.

Qianshan million heavy, never abandon, in order to ideal, the future can be expected, thank you all the way!

Chuangsida (Liaoning) Environmental Protection Engineering Co., LTD

January 1, 2019