Special Lantern riddles for the Lantern Festival


On February 8, the annual Lantern Festival is coming. In order to create a festive atmosphere of the festival, enhance the emotional exchange between the majority of employees, and at the same time, in order to cooperate with the fight against the epidemic, but also to allow all employees to experience a different Lantern Festival, the company decided to hold an online Lantern Festival puzzle at eight o 'clock on the night of the Lantern Festival. Holiday wishes to all the Tronstar family.

The host carefully prepared 16 riddles covering Chinese characters, idioms, quiz questions and other rich content, and the staff shot their own diverse styles of "lanterns". After the activity began, everyone participated in the activity. Thinking active employees have guessed the answer to the riddle, a full of blessings of the red envelopes continue to be sent to the winning staff's wechat, a red envelope war continues to pour...

Let's take a look at some of the lucky employees of this lantern riddle-guessing activity:

This lantern riddles activity, everyone to experience the fun of riddles, everywhere permeated with a strong cultural atmosphere and happy festive atmosphere. In the extraordinary period of the common fight against the epidemic, it has brought a colorful spiritual and cultural feast for employees who do not leave home.