The company's annual physical examination in 2020 was successfully completed!


The body is the capital of the revolution, in order to ensure the health of employees, create a good working and living environment, and improve the welfare of employees. The company arranged the annual physical examination of all employees on June 11.

The whole physical examination process is orderly, standardized and reasonable. Through routine blood routine, urine routine, liver function, kidney function, complete blood cell analysis, B-ultrasound, internal and surgical examination and other routine general screening items, as well as liver, gallbladder and spleen, brain, heart color ultrasound, men, women special and other special comprehensive examination, to achieve "disease-free prevention and control, early treatment of disease".

Over the years, the company has always taken care of the health of employees as an important work to catch, regularly organize staff physical examination, "people-oriented, regard employees as the most valuable wealth." This is not a simple statement, but a real action. Organize all employees to carry out an annual health examination, so that employees can understand their health status in time, and promote the health of employees.

In the future, the company will continue to arrange regular medical examinations for employees, and implement the care for employees to promote the common healthy development of enterprises and employees!