Dragon Boat Festival to send warmth, small dumplings warm people


Every festival times, the annual Dragon Boat Festival is coming, in order to thank all employees for their hard work, to ensure that employees have a good holiday, adhering to the company's humanized physique, to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, under the unified arrangement of the company, in advance for all employees issued the Dragon Boat Festival benefits.

The welfare of this year's Dragon Boat Festival is a box of rice dumplings full of good blessings and a box of sea duck eggs in the Beibu Gulf.

Zongqing ZongYi warm, Chuangstar always reflects the care of employees, because this is a family, a family full of warmth, full of love, full of positive energy! Every employee has a grateful and positive attitude to return the company's care for us, and return the trust of our customers!

At the arrival of the Dragon Boat Festival, Chuangstar here in advance to wish all employees and customers happy holidays and all the best!