Chuangstar information project launch conference


On the morning of September 19, the main leaders of the star Technology Company and the relevant responsible person of Shenzhen Kingdee Software Company held the launch meeting of the Star Information project together in the Shenyang Company of Star.

The meeting started at 10 o 'clock in the morning. On behalf of the company, Mr. Wang first expressed his sincere welcome and gratitude to the senior leaders of Kingdee Company to participate in the meeting, and introduced the managers of each department who attended the meeting. Mr. LAN Guoqiang, general manager, then made a brief speech from the perspective of "promoting information construction and creating an efficient future". From Mr. LAN's speech, we can clearly understand that the company's strong support for ERP projects is the need for efficient and rapid development of the company in the future, and it is an inevitable requirement to save operating costs and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. At the same time, efficient and reasonable information project construction is also conducive to more timely and effective communication between the headquarters and the branches and representative offices, and is conducive to improving the management efficiency between the vertical lines of business.

General Manager Huo of Kingdee Company also reiterated the importance of Kingdee Company to the Chuangstar information project at the conference, and expressed sincere expectations and firm confidence in the future deeper cooperation between the two sides.

After the speeches of the main leaders of both sides, Mr. Liang Yunpeng, product implementation manager of Kingdee Company, made an introduction of the whole project. Kingdee representatives also attended the meeting project manager Yang Guang, implementation consultant Zhang He, Ma Ling, sales Zhou Yaoming and so on.

In addition, the Chuangxida information project is divided into four stages: research collection, programming implementation, test operation, adjustment and summary, and will enter the information collection stage from now on, which is expected to be completed and put into operation in January next year. Please wait and provide necessary support in the process.

Noun explanation:

ERP: English for Enterprise Resource Planning, enterprise resource planning, is one of the most advanced enterprise management mode in the world today, it reflects the most advanced enterprise management theory in the world at the same time, but also provides the best solution for enterprise information integration. It manages the logistics, people flow, capital flow and information flow of the enterprise, in order to maximize the use of the existing resources of the enterprise and maximize the economic benefits of the enterprise.

The main purpose of ERP

Its main purpose is to comprehensively balance and optimize the management of comprehensive resources such as human, financial, material, information, time and space owned by the enterprise, coordinate the management departments of the enterprise, carry out business activities around the market orientation, improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise, so as to obtain the best economic benefits. Therefore, ERP is first and foremost a software, but also a management tool. IT is the integration of IT technology and management ideas, that is, advanced management ideas with the help of computers to achieve the management goals of enterprises.

Core purpose of ERP

The core purpose of ERP is to achieve effective management of the entire supply chain, which is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

1. Embody the idea of managing the entire supply chain resources

2, reflect lean production synchronous engineering and agile manufacturing ideas

3. Embody the idea of advance planning and control