Employee commendation


Technical engineer Dongbo has been doing his duty in the process of project implementation, maintaining good communication relationship with customers, and has been affirmed and recognized by many customers for his work. In particular, during the implementation of a project in Jilin Province, I not only completed the project tasks well, but also actively offered suggestions and suggestions for the company's payment collection. During the implementation of the project, I carried out innovation and transformation, which enabled the company to recover certain economic losses. His attitude and professionalism are worth learning from.

In order to promote positive energy, the company decided to recognize and reward Dongbo's serious and responsible work attitude and professionalism, and also hope that all employees will follow its example. The growth of the company is inseparable from the pay and support of every employee, I hope all employees can really treat the company as a home, more pay, less complain, I believe we will be better and better!