Notice of company relocation to new location


In order to effectively improve the basic strength of the company, the company based on the number of employees, service content and demand and other factors, combined with the market development trend, Chuangstar moved to the 12th floor of Zhongchi International Building, No. 3 South Fifth Road, in June 2018. The opening of the new office environment symbolizes the development of the company to a new level, into a period of rapid development. Improve the management level, show a new image, expand the company's influence, and play an important role in promoting the future development!

The company gathers an efficient and professional technical team, continues to provide customers with efficient, professional and satisfactory service, rewards the enterprise with dedicated work, rewards partners with full cooperation, rewards the society with enthusiasm for public welfare, and realizes the harmony and common development between enterprises and customers, enterprises and enterprises, enterprises and society with practical actions!

Today, we are full of aspirations; May the future be filled with pride. We will continue to contribute our strength in this magnificent new territory, and embark on a new journey together with Chuangstar to a new glory.