【 Good news 】 Happy New Year! 2019 is off to a great start!


Just as the Spring Festival is approaching, Chuangstar Environmental Protection, with high-quality products, good reputation, good service, and its own strong strength, successfully won the bid for Nanyang Hanye dry dust removal overhaul project in January 2019, ushering in a good start in 2019!

Ruixue Zhaofeng year, I believe that 2019 must be an extraordinary innovation year, it must be an extraordinary winning year, we look forward to!

Achievement is a milestone on the way forward, and today's success is the fruit of yesterday's sweat. The winning bid once again consolidated the good foundation for the development of Chuangsita, I believe that with the company's brand, with the company's leadership, with a high degree of enthusiasm of all staff, Chuangsita will be able to create more brilliant and achieve more impressive results!

In 2019, let's roll up our sleeves and work hard!