【 Good news 】 Warmly congratulate Chuangstar on winning seven software copyright certificates


At the end of May 2019, the company officially received the computer software copyright registration certificate issued by the National Copyright Administration: water pump unattended control system, RS485 master station communication system, dust collector pulse matrix control system, catalytic unit three efficient control system, limestone desulfurization control system, waste water zero discharge fog eliminator control system, denitrification spray ammonia control system seven certificates. Warm congratulations!

The system or software involved in the above software copyright certificate has been applied to our company's products and has played an important role. Users generally give good feedback and affirm our company's innovative work. The acquisition of the software copyright certificate is the affirmation of our company's research and development work, is the proof of our company's innovation strength, and has also made major breakthroughs in related fields, which has greatly enhanced our company's core competitiveness.

As a high-tech enterprise with independent research and development, the acquisition of software copyright registration certificate marks that our company has reached a new level on the road of technological innovation and development.