Working together to fight the epidemic -- Special greeting meeting


The eighth day of the first month, is the day after the Spring Festival officially started, according to the practice, the company will organize a New Year party to deploy New Year work. This Spring Festival is a special Spring Festival for everyone. Affected by the pneumonia epidemic infected by the new coronavirus, the company chooses remote video conference to pay New Year greetings to all employees of the company.

At the meeting, the company's leaders conveyed the "Urgent Notice of the SASAC Party Committee of The State Council on Effectively doing a good job in the prevention and control of the Pneumonia epidemic caused by the New Coronavirus", and proposed the relevant work deployment such as the extension of the Spring Festival holiday and the postponement of the resumption of work. Everyone exchanged greetings and wishes for the New Year through the video. In this extraordinary New Year shrouded by the epidemic, peace is the best wish for each other.

The meeting announced the "Notice on the Company's delay to resume work", the company responded to the state and Liaoning Provincial People's Government General Office Liao Political Office Ming Telegram (2020) No. 6 on the 2020 Spring Festival holiday delay notice requirements, launched the home office mechanism, tentatively February 10 Monday (January 17) officially return to work. The office mechanism will be adjusted in due course according to changes in the national epidemic situation and relevant national policies.

At present, life is more important than Mount Tai! Now is the critical period for prevention and control of the epidemic, and as long as we have strong confidence, the good times are waiting for us. I hope the virus passes soon, and the haze clears soon. Through the hardships, we all welcome the spring together!