【 Good news 】 Warmly congratulate Chuangstar on winning patents and six software Copyrights


One year later, in May of this year, Chuangstar received the intellectual property certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office and the National Copyright Office again. They are: utility model patent of dry dust removal gas purification dust recovery device; Six computer software copyright registration certificates: Siemens industrial network diagnosis system, measurement and control point list interface software, the first shutdown reason fuzzy algorithm control system, the safety and reliability platform of the dust collector cylinder, the intelligent realization system of the data report, and the control system of the nano-magnetic domain vibration filter. Warm congratulations!

Strengthening intellectual property management is the key to build the core competitiveness of enterprises! Only by constantly stimulating the innovation enthusiasm of employees, improving the technological innovation ability of enterprises, and continuously enhancing the intellectual property strength of enterprises, can we guide enterprises to take the development road of independent innovation and continuous innovation.