[Good news] Jiangsu Huafeng microfiber DMF recovery control system commissioning success


In the form of the epidemic situation just stabilized, the company immediately entered Jiangsu Huafeng Microfiber Materials Co., Ltd. for the third phase of commissioning. The company adhering to the "fine and efficient, realistic and beautiful" style of enterprise, to "tree quality projects, repair quality engineering" as the goal, requires the technical department to make the control system extremely refined, so that users can understand the process more easily, more quickly find and solve technical problems.

This system is a part of DMF recovery in the production of nonwoven microfiber materials. The principle of DMF recovery is to absorb the water-soluble DMF with water, and recover it through rectification, so that the organic solvent can be recycled into production. The company uses Honeywell's DCS system to control equipment throughout the process to achieve automated and intelligent control.

Man-machine interface adopts Dell 3060MT commercial desktop, 24-inch display, independent network card for display and operation

The automatic control system adopts redundant mode, which undoubtedly increases the execution performance of the processor, provides more guarantee for industrial production, and also brings convenience to equipment maintenance.

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