【 Good news 】 Warmly celebrate the success of Xilin Iron and Steel 1#2# overhaul and smooth production


Warmly celebrate the success of Xilin Iron and Steel 1#2# overhaul and smooth production! In the construction of the electric dust collector overhaul project of Jianlong Xilin Iron and Steel Co., LTD., the production project is extremely urgent, and the construction period is shortened from 12 days to 10 days, 8 days, 7 days, and even 6 days, all the project production personnel of the company constantly overcome the site tension, heavy tasks and many other difficulties faced in the construction of the project. Safe, efficient and high-quality successfully completed the construction task, providing a strong guarantee for steelmaking production.

During the critical period of construction, the project department of the company strictly coordinated and arranged according to the requirements of customers, and bravely shouldered heavy responsibilities. Since the construction, the project department under the leadership of the project leader Qi Jing, unified pace, scientific organization, careful deployment, in strict accordance with the construction of technical steps and measures, layers of implementation of safety, ring closely linked quality, go all out to do a good job.

In the construction of this project, the company in line with the idea of energy saving and environmental protection, the materials that need to be reinspected are reinspected; Insulated porcelain bottle installation, using self-developed advanced technology, intact preservation of the original seal and replacement. Because of the large amount of work in factory production, the on-site engineering equipment adopts small tools with low energy consumption and high efficiency, so that the noise in the construction is well controlled. Reasonable construction of engineering scraps to make the best use of them. The regional construction process of the construction site should be completed and cleared. Our company's selfless dedication, tenacious struggle of construction style and the concept of single-minded customer service have left a deep impression on the other side, and won high recognition and praise from customers.

Chuangstar is willing to maintain the excellent construction style and service concept, and hope that in the future work can make every customer satisfied, create brilliant!